A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Single Platformer is a Game Made for GMTKJam 2019 by a 15 Year Old.

Assets, music and code are made by me!

This Game follows the theme by using:

  • Single Platform 
  • Single Bit of Color (Black And white)
  • Single Direction

To move forward, you somehow need to start moving and not fall down on spikes! For that, You have ability to place a single platform in a circle around your player. Your platform also acts as a weapon since Enemies die after touching it.

This Game has 2 main Game modes:

  • Normal mode (5 Levels and a Boss Level)
  • Endless mode ( Enemies flying at you for ever )

Tools Used:

  • Game Maker Studio 2 ( Game Engine )
  • Aseprite ( Asset creation )
  • GarageBand ( Music )
  • BFXR ( Sound Effects )

For the best experience use a Game Pad / Game Controller!

Watch me Failing playing it because I am too tired after making it ( it was supposed to be footage for the trailer ):


Single Platformer WIN.zip 9 MB
Single Platformer MAC.zip 11 MB
Single Platform Game.yyz 15 MB


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Nice Game! I hope you make more Joy-Con compatible games.